Ximenia Oil Super

Ximenia Americana Origins:

Ximenia, (wild plum, sour plum, or monkey plum) native to the low altitude grassy woodlands and savannahs of Southern Africa is a drought resistant shrub that fruits plums ranging in colour from a dark red to bright orange. Ximenia oil is rich in antioxidants having been utlised by local indigenous inhabitants for generations for a variety of uses due to its array of dermatological health benefits.

Ximenia Oil characteristics and properties:

Ximenia oil is highly beneficial as an active ingredient in skin care products due to its content of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (about 99%). Research shows that the oil is particularly effective for dry skin conditions, skin prone to early senescence (biological ageing and deteriorations) and is helpful in improving the functionary and blood circulation of sebaceous tissues (the deepest layer of skin). Ximenia Oil contains unusually elevated levels of unsaturated fatty acids (fatty acids with more than 22 carbon atoms, termed very long chain fatty acids, are rarely found naturally, Ximenia Oil contains very long chain fatty acids with up to 40 carbon atoms) offering exceptional nutritional value to nourish skin/hair whilst simultaneously moisturising, softening, and revitalising. Ximenia oil absorbs rapidly into the skin offering a velvety smooth texture with a mildly sweetand delicate fruity scent.

Benefits and Uses:

Ximenia Oil is well documented for its antioxidant properties which support skin health, repairs pollutant damage, hydrates, and delays the appearance of wrinkles due to being a light and noncomedogenic oil with anti-microbial properties.


• Dry Sculp and dandruff treating/nourishing haircare products.

• Lip Care (Balm and lipstick formulator)

• Skin – hydration/moisturising/nourishment

• Anti-ageing skin care (Reduction of blemishes and the onset of wrinkles)

• UV protection

• Lubricants

• Soaps

• Beneficial ingredients against Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis